We run a range of successful commercial and franchising projects

We offer our business partners and franchisees 18 years of experience from retail in highly competitive markets. The experience gained from running 40 shops and building web shops around Europe is the guarantee for a long-term lucrative and successful cooperation with our business partners.

Possible forms of cooperation

  1. Franchising
  2. Shop in shop
  3. Business to Business projects
  4. e-Business

Help with research and finding locations

We are able to help with the evaluation of a selected location and give a hand with analysis of the entrance possibilities to market. We can help to determine all initial costs connected with establishing an up-and-running business.

Proven business model

We offer a turn-key franchise model and can offer shop-in-shop, B2B and e-shop concepts including customized services.

Flexible distribution and sales system with a proven track record

We have our own high capacity warehouses and headquarters nearby Prague as well as a warehouse and offices in Hauppauge, NY. These are our main hubs for doing business and meeting our partners.

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