Our customers do not shop for its own sake. They know the importance of good quality and they want a good shopping experience. Therefore, they will not compromise on quality. They consider the clothing as a second skin. It makes them feel safe and comfortable in all kinds of outdoor activities: hiking, camping, fishing, desert and jungle safaris.

They want to have solid, durable clothes which will protect them. They have high expectations of their equipment, they choose to pay a premium because they know that a cheap cotton t-shirt will not do the job in extreme conditions. They want to feel protected from mosquitoes, blisters, sunburn, rain and cold. Therefore they choose clothes that are durable, tear-proof and can last for extended travels.

Where-ever they are they want to blend in with the local environment and not look like tourists. For many, it is important to find clothes which are functional, comfortable enough and look good at the same time.  


What we wear makes us who we are or who we want to be.

BUSHMAN clothing is not only about technical features. It is a lifestyle which is embodied in our clothes.

Our days are an adventure through life and our customers want to look and feel great at every moment.


  • Passion for life and nature
  • Strong sense for responsibility for own actions
  • Genuine friendship
  • Informal and relaxed
  • Drive for fulfilling own dreams
  • Like adventure and testing own limits
  • Value real experience over material goods

Bushman People