Our product line features both men’s and women’s clothing as well as accessories for all everyday adventures – at work, when travelling, general outdoor time and in your leisure time when you are moving between urban and rural environments.

BUSHMAN has deep roots, vast community of followers, and a distinctive timeless style. The collections do not follow fashion trends and therefore the focus can be more on the value chain improvements and innovations.

Our key Values

  • Timeless style
  • Durability
  • Respect for nature


Our team finds the best-fitting cuts by taking inspiration from explorers, safaris, military and travelers’ style. Our 18 years of experience on the market have confirmed that BUSHMAN style is enduring and loved by many consumers in Europe.Instead of following trends or fashion fads,  we are focused on classical lines, elegant colors and timeless designs. BUSHMAN garments are made to stand the test of time.  

Bushman Materials

WE HAVE StricT requirements  REGARDING  durability

All our products are field-tested through extensive use and washing by an experienced test group before entering production. The products have a  range of functional features like ventilation openings, practical pocket placement, darts at the elbows and knees for maximum fit, zip-off function for trousers, and a variety of other details. In order to achieve maximal comfort, the majority of BUSHMAN products go through a pre-wash process which gives them a characteristic soft look&feel.

Bushman Materials

WE PRODUCE mainly from natural materials

BUSHMAN uses pure natural materials like cotton, wool, flax, bamboo and leather. Excellent durability is achieved by using high quality heavy-duty cotton materials. When you buy something from BUSHMAN, you can be sure it will last for years to come. Natural colors like beige, khaki, brown and olive green are the key signature colors of BUSHMAN collections. Nothing  is more natural than wearing natural materials.

Bushman Materials